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Rencontrer l'Artiste / Meet the Artiste - Sophie Pelletier


Sophie Pelletier, is a self-taught artist, born & raised in north New Brunswick, Canada.

She is the owner & creator of Les Cartes Sophie. 

Les Cartes sophie was born from years of imaginations, in November 2019. 

Perfectly designed and created, every painting is made with; high quality pigmented watercolor paint, black archival ink and 100% cotton watercolor paper. 

Every painting is made in a sacred luminous space with intuition, imagination and above all.. love. Inspired by the nature, the present moment and everything that can fascinate us.

Colors are emotions. Created in the purpose of giving the opportunity to people to buy something unique and special for a loved one. Also, instead of putting greeting cards away or in a basket, they are perfectly designed to be framed, so they may retain their lifespan and remain eternal. 

To find out more about my universe and to see the creations of the moment, visit my Instagram page @visualartbysophie

and my Facebook page 'Les Cartes Sophie'

With love, 

Soph xo'